Ingress is a multinational organisation with operations spanning several major ASEAN countries, namely Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, as well as India, with customers comprising major world’s automakers. Our expertise ranges from the automotive components manufacturing, automotive dealership, provision of services for the energy sector, traditional as well as renewal energy, to telecommunications. 

Our Mission

We aspire to excel in all justifiable and lawful business undertakings through dedicated and disciplined work-force who contribute towards ethical universal culture.

Our Vision

To create a business organisation that combines a high-trust culture which enables Ingress to develop meaningful partnerships, both inside and outside the organisation – with entrepreneurial and professional attributes.

Quality Statement

To achieve total customers’ satisfaction, we shall strive for competitiveness, continuous improvement and excellence through human resource development

Ingress Values

Combining high trust culture with entrepreneurial and professional attribute

Physical Quotient

  • 5S & Safety and Health
  • Cost Reduction Activities
  • Risk Management
  • Executive Council
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Annual Business Plan
  • KPI Management
  • Townhall Session

Spiritual Quotient

  • Additional 5S
    • Salam (Greeting)
    • Sabar (Patient)
    • Syukur (Grateful)
    • Setia (Loyal)
    • Sopan (Courteous)
  • Pilgrimage Reward Scheme
  • Caring for the unfortunate

Intelligence Quotient

  • Skills Incentives
  • Job Rotation within ASEAN and India
  • Technical Training
  • Overseas Training
  • Professional attributes
  • Highly Competence
  • Teamwork Values
  • Ingress’ brand
  • Entrepreneur skills
  • International Exposure
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Trustworthy